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                         Tadpole Productions ltd is the official Easyrig and Flowcine dealer for New Zealand. Tadpole has branched out of Cameraworks Ltd

Tadpole has the largest range of Easyrig and Flowcine products for hire in New Zealand with the knowledge and experience to guide you on your hire or purchase.

                                       now in rentals    Flowcine BLACK Arm

                                                                                                                                                        A Black Arm Complete

                                                                                                            Email now to book it

                                                                                         Black Arm rentals only   blackarm@tadpole.nz

New Release: Cinema Flex Vest designed for women

                                                          check it out here:  http://easyrig.se/product/easyrig-cinema-flex-vest

New Easyrig MiniMax now available for cameras 2-7kg

This exciting new update from Easyrig is the Mini Max. It replaces both the Easyrig mini and Mini Strong. Updates include-pivoting top arm like the cinema 3, newly designed spring wheel system for more fluid travel and suspension , covers 2-7kg camera weights plus more features

Check it out here: http://easyrig.se/product/easyrig-minimax

                                                                                  Complete Minimax only NZD$2095.00 + gst

or Upgrade your existing Easyrig Mini : Mini Max Support Bar complete with wheels available to add to your existing Mini Vest


Dan (Auckland, NZ)  " We used the MiniMax , fully rigged FS7 with rails, shoulder rig, follow focus and wireless audio box. Worked a dream. I don't think I ever want to shoot without one now"


    NEW Easyrig Vario 5 Strong now available......for 14-25kg cameras

Adding to the hugely successful Vario 5 for 5-17kg cameras , Easyrig now offers the Vario 5 Strong. A great rig to have for cameras over 14kg

 such as Arri Amira and Arri Alexa , Varicam 35 , 3D camera rigs etc.    For more information: http://easyrig.se/product/easyrig-vario-5