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Nina Wells , Dop . Shooting with Easyrig Vario 5 /Cinema 3 Vest + Flowcine Serene flying a Ronin 2






1: Easyrig Cinema 3 GimbalRig only with a Gimbal
This is an Arri Maxima, one of the very best , strongest Gimbals made. Note footsteps are visible in the shot and he is  walking gently.
Gimbalrig  here means its  a Gimbalrig Vest but also the Arm is  taller ( lower section of arm is 800mm) than a std Easyrig arm.( lower section of arm is 600mm)

2: Easyrig Vario ( double centre Post ( for height) with Gimbal
Vario 5 std arm is same height as a std Cinema 3 arm ( 600mm lower section length) so here they have the Double Length Centre Post ( note the 2 x rubber bellows covering it) to get same height as a Gimbalrig Arm ( Lower section  800mm) so they can run  the gimbal closer to eye level.
Still can notice footsteps albeit very slightly less.

3:Vario 5 + Serene with gimbal
Std height Vario 5 with the Serene. Here he says he’d like it higher still so he’d prefer to add back on the double length centre post . However for most gimbals that are not as large as the maxima this set up works fine.
Note , now  no footsteps visible z axis movement. He is walking the same etc. This is what Serene does.

Overall it shows the gimbals can not counter z axis movement when on Easyrig only. This is because Easyrig is a support  system - designed to take the weight , Serene is for dampening.


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