Flowcine Black Arm

  • Black Arm Complete    ( Dual Spring Arm --  handles 6-32kg rig weights)

  • 2 x Anti Vibration Mounts 6-10 kg and 10-15kg

  • Dual and Quad Springs

  • Mitchell Base mount

  • Freefly 'Toad in a Hole- Male'  Movi mount + Movi Ninja Star Plate

  • Cinemilled Universal Mount for Ronin

  • Flowcine Uni Rack Mount ( use on car tow balls)

  • Storage Case

  • Manual PDF Link :   http://www.flowcine.com/img/cms/Documentation/Black/Black_Arm_Manual_V0_75.pdf

The Black arm is a 3-axis dampening system with a additional vibration mount for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations. The Black arm is a hard mount system made for gimbals that you want to mount on vehicles such as cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles etc.


                                   Important: We do not supply rigging, scaff bars etc as there are far too many options . You will require rigging and a Grip for using the Back Arm.


                                                                                                 An Illumi Ngati Lighting and Tadpole Productions piece of equipment

                                                                               Enquiries/Bookings for BLACK ARM only

                                                                                 email Nick at :  blackarm@tadpole.nz

$400.00 p.day + gst

( Note: No Half Day rate)




Video courtesy of the awesome team at Big Brick Productions.   www.bigbrickproductions.com       HQ 175 Canal Street, Manchester, NH 03101

Check out the VI Rental team's test footage for Flowcine's The Black Arm! Used here with a Sony PMW-F55.
know more-www.triviumproductions.com source-The key grip
Demo shots made with our CINESLED rig. - Shotover G1 - RED Weapon Dragon 6K - Flowcine Black Arm - Flowcine Tranquilizer - Brighttangerine Misfit Atom - Fujinon Cabrio 20-120 book it via alpine-aerials.com
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