CinemaFlex Vest

Cinemaflex vest is designed primarily for women to provide a more supportive and comfortable vest/Easyrig experience. Men can and have used it also. It’s about the right fit which is very important. If the vest is not fitting reasonably well you are at risk of damaging your body/back.

Cinemaflex provides cross over support across the chest and are smaller in size comparatively to the Cinema 3 and Gimbalrig vests.

These suit small framed / built bodies. If you are finding the Cinema 3 and/or Gimabalrig vests are too big ( even though you have a std or small size) the Cinemaflex will be the answer.

If you think this will suit you please request the Cinemaflex Vest when booking or make sure your production know when they book you an Easyrig

  • 3 x Easyrig Flex vests available

  • CinemaFlex - Size: Small ( Small is very small/tiny)

  • CinemaFlex - Size: Std ( Like a small medium)

  • GimbalFlex - Size : Std Recommended if using Vario 5’s , Flowcine Serenes or Easyrig Stabil.

  • Can be used with Cinema 3 arms , Vario 5 series + with Flowcine Serene attached to Easyrig arm + with Easyrig Flow

  • No additional charge when with a complete Easyrig hire from Tadpole

  • If you own an Easyrig or your Easyrig has been supplied from elsewhere , rental house , grip etc then you can request to hire the ‘vest only’ to use with that existing rig.

1.Cinema Flex vest - Size Small : Waist length: Min: 58 cm / 22.8 in - Max: 110 cm / 43.3 in

2.Cinema Flex vest - Size Std ( Medium) : Waist length: Min: 74 cm / 29.1 in - Max: 120 cm / 47.2 in

3.Gimbal Flex vest - Size Std ( Medium) : Waist length Std.: Min: 75 cm / 29.5 in - Max: 90 cm / 35.5 in

When hired as a complete Easyrig from whether directly or via a rental house.

$0.00 ( No additional charge)

Dry Hire ( Use it with your existing Easyrig)

$65.00 + gst