Tadpole Movi Pro Top Plate

$125 + gst

Replaces Movi Pro top handle.

Includes: Tadpole Movi Pro Top Plate ,with 4 x 1/4” thread holes for mounting accessories , 4 x Mounting screws.

Materials: Aluminium , Etch Primed.

*Also available for Cinemilled Pro Ring. Please email. Same Price.

This plate replaces the Movi Pro top handle so you can mount 3/8” eye bolts or the Easyrig Quick Release Ball stud. This enables a far more secure mounting to your Easyrig/Serene plus prevents slipping of a std Easyrig camera hook along the handle and means you mount exactly on the COG every time.

You can use your Kong Frog clip on your movi and camera. No more needing to change back to camera hook or use an adaptor that reduces your gimbal operating height.