Ready Rig GS with Pro Arms

Ready Rig is an alternative to using an Easyrig with a Flowcine Serene. They each offer different options of operating style and shots. Ready Rig is for using with Gimbals only.

  • Ready Rig GS Vest

  • Pro Arms ( Extendable Arms for further reach - The ProArms can be operated in the locked or unlocked position)

  • Cinemilled 25mm GS Spindles

  • Cinemilled 30mm Movi Pro Spindles ( Suits Movi and Ronin2 rings)

  • Ready Rig bag

Optional Free Extras adding more function. Required for Jib Mode.

Please Request these if required. Readyrig ships without them to save weight and space so if not required I leave them out of kit.

  • Cinemilled Pro Ring system ( 14” Frame Arms)

  • Tube Clamp Kit

  • Universal Cheese plate ( Can mount your Ronin or Movi mounts to it)

  • Freefly Toad spigot ( Mounts to the Universal Mount..simply click on your Movi to use the ProRing)

  • 2 x 30” Extension Tubes w/ soft hand grips

$175.00 + gst


IMPORTANT: If you have never used a ReadyRig before it is critical to watch the following tutorial videos.

Video Tutorial on set up :

Tutorial- In Depth:

Video showing Jib Mode:

BTS with ReadyRig :