Ready Rig GS with Pro Arms

Ready Rig is an alternative to using an Easyrig with a Flowcine Serene. They each offer different options of operating style and shots. Ready Rig is for using with Gimbals only.

  • Ready Rig GS Vest

  • Pro Arms ( Extendable Arms for further reach - The ProArms can be operated in the locked or unlocked position)

  • Cinemilled 25mm GS Spindles

  • Cinemilled 30mm Movi Pro Spindles ( Suits Movi and Ronin2 rings)

  • Ready Rig bag

Includes Optional Free Extras adding more function. Required for Jib Mode

  • Cinemilled Pro Ring system ( 14” Frame Arms)

  • Tube Clamp Kit

  • Universal Cheese plate ( Can mount your Ronin or Movi mounts to it)

  • Freefly Toad spigot ( Mounts to the Universal Mount..simply click on your Movi to use the ProRing)

  • 2 x 30” Extension Tubes w/ soft hand grips

$175.00 + gst


IMPORTANT: If you have never used a ReadyRig before it is critical to watch the following tutorial videos.

Video Tutorial on set up :

Tutorial- In Depth:

Video showing Jib Mode:

BTS with ReadyRig :