Gimbalrig Vest + Vario 5   ( 6-17kg adjustable )

  • Gimbalrig Vest

  • Vario 5 Power Pack ( adjustable weight range ability for 5-17 kg)

  • 130mm Extended Arm ( adjustable camera hook position)

plus these new accessories now  std in every Vario5 and Vario5/Serene kit

Option: Cinema 3 vest can be requested if available

Suited to shoots where you are unsure of your camera/rig weight or will vary cameras regularly or camera weights. ie : zooms to lighter primes on same day etc. This a very versatile Easyrig. I tend to use the Vario 5 a lot now as I do not need to worry about camera weight variations.

Note this will usually suit : FS7 , F5 , F55 , Arri Mini , Arri Amira , Sony Venice , Varicam LT and 35. , Panavision DXL2 ( ***Dependant on what accessories are on camera)

(Alexa XT , Alexa LF or Alexa 65 will  require 700N / 900N or Vario 5 Strong)

$135.00 + gst