Frog Tail 

Frog Tail ( by Tadpole) Connects Easyrig Quick release to a Kong FROG Cable Clip. All Stainless Steel. Includes milled spacers that fit snugly into  FROG Cable Clip which allow it to pivot freely so this also enables far easier tilting when using an Easyrig. To keep price down we adapted  an off the shelf part (main bracket), mounted a 3/8" Ball Stud , new stainless bolt and our milled spacers.

Frog Tail only                                                      $64.00 + gst

FROG Cable Clip                                                $69.00 + gst

Frog Tail + FROG Cable Clip                             $128.00 + gst

Easyrig Camera Hook                                        $124.00 + gst

Easyrig Hook + 3/8" Ball Stud ( Mounted)      $159.00 + gst